SM's 5AM Club
We help to form the habit of early rises and achieve the goals
More than 80% of Challenge participants install this valuable habit of Successful people & Achieve their goals in 21days
10+ reasons why people participate
👩‍💻You are not accomplishing your daily tasks
🥱You are not sleeping enough
⏰You hate alarm and no motivation to waking up early
🙄Procrastination is common thing
🥴Lack of energy
😟No motivation to do something new
😒Stuck on your daily routine
😫Too much work to do, but problem with time
🛫You don’t have time for your hobbies
💪You are not satisfied with your body
🥺Sometimes you are alone and no like-minded people around you
😢Your income is not growing and expenses are rising
🤒Want to improve your health
What's in Challenge for you?

✅ Goal achievement and focus management
✅ Sports activities
✅ Improving entrepreneurial skills
✅ International networking
✅ Powerful positive environment
✅ Online/offline events with club members
✅ Business breakfasts with international entrepreneurs
✅ Other activities

Be a Legend!
Invitation from Founder of SM's 5AM Club Mr. Sardor Mukhamedaliev
International Mentors
  • Gil Petersil
    Enterpreneur, Mastermind & Networking Expert. Indonesia

    He is a global visionary leader in
    international networking, business strategy and
    inspiration methodology
  • Gaukhar Serikkalikyzy
    Nutritionist. Kazakhstan
    Nutritionist, with more than 5 years of practical experience. Author of online health courses
  • Anil Gupta
    Happiness Expert. USA
    Anil is a best-selling author and TEDx speaker who has a positive impact on a very large audience in more than 18 countries
  • Igor Sivov
    Enterpreneur, Psychoanalytical business consultant. UAE
    The author of the concept of "Proexcitation", which was passed by more than 5,000 people. Founder of the culture of conscious parenting in Russia
  • Dr. Aliya Baydauletova
    Neurologist & Somnologist. Turkey
    For 18 years of work, large international manufacturers of equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and breathing disorders in sleep apnea have been involved
  • Mikhail Esipov
    Master of breathing. USA
    Passed 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies and one San Pedro ceremony. A member of the Oklevueha Indian community. Conducts Holotropic DMT breathing and sound healing Retreats
500+ Entrepreneurs
SM's 5AM Club is an International Club of highly motivated people who are ready to get out of their comfort zone, wake up daily at 5 am and become a Legendary person. A powerful and positive environment of like-minded people in 20+ countries of the world
Sardor Mukhamedaliev
International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Professional Networker, Business Consultant & Founder of International business communities
Founder of 5AM Club. Sardor has been waking up every day at 5 am for over 5 years without an alarm. His superpower is international networking, uniting business communities, interesting people of the planet and helping to scale up their business

International speaker, spoke at 150+ business events in countries such as the USA, Russia, UAE, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, etc.
Visited 400+ cities around the world. Fluent in 6 languages

Marathoner, finished the Olympic distance in triathlon, and also ran over 10 km at -46°С and +50°С


What will you get by participating in the challenge?

  • Correctly plan your life goals
  • Make sport a lifestyle
  • Find sources of motivation
  • Participate in business breakfasts with successful entrepreneurs
  • Conduct training in the fresh air and with a cool team
  • Participate in regular online and offline meetings with "SM's 5AM Club" members
  • Improve entrepreneurial skills and more
How do I participate in the Challenge?
A) Register in Telegram Bot
B) Choose the country, package and make payment
Passing the online Challenge on the Telegram platform
During the Challenge Moderators will give tasks which must be done in time
Achieving results
After the successful completion of the Challenge you will develop useful habits: you will learn to wake up at 5 am, achieve your goals easily and make new friends from all over the world
SM's 5am Club - Participants' Testimonial

In this video you will find out:

  • what were the main takeaways from the challenge
  • how it changed people's life
  • what area's did the challenge had a positive effect on
  • what impact did it have on participants' overall well being
  • why did they took part in a challenge
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20 000KZT
  • ✅ Acess to private Challenge chat
  • ✅ Certificate of completion
  • ✅ Access to 5AM Community
  • ✅ 1 week free access to Partner Fitness Clubs (Based on your country)
50 000KZT

✅ Acess to private Challenge chat

✅ Certificate of completion

✅ Access to 5AM Community

✅ 1 week free access to Partner Fitness Clubs (Based on your country)

✅ Access to Private chat with Mentors & Ambassadors

✅ 2 extra online lives

✅ Part of funds will be donated

We guarantee quality
We always provide the best service and constantly improve the quality of our services. If you successfully reached the end of the online challenge, but did not receive new knowledge and were not satisfied, we guarantee a 100% refund, according to the return policy.
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